ConnorMeaks #Pinning

Everyone is #Pinning these days. By everyone I mean women. According to Google, women make up 82% of it’s daily visits. Talking to people over the last few weeks I’ve come to the following consensus: Pinterest is a cult, those already pinning are super active and engaged in the site. Then there is the lay person not on the kool-aid, who either hasn’t heard of it (where have you been?) or perceives Pinterest as a cesspool for wedding ideas and interior decor.

The gender divide was a bit confusing for me at first given that men are thought to be more responsive to visuals.  Thinking back to the amount of pointless garbage in the form of pictures that girls (not all) post on Facebook, the light finally came to me.

Scrapbook Syndrome

The only thing I can come up with to explain the gender difference is what I call the ‘scapbook syndrome.’ Have you ever seen a guy with a scrapbook? Pinterest is the hip new way for women to construct their visual scrapbooks on an easy to use platform. The bulletin board style layout of Pinterest makes it pretty easy to amass a visual highlight package.

Not just for the Martha Stuart fan club

For the bad rep Pinterest gets with the male population, I find it useful and fun. The food section is great for ideas and recipes, the humour section is decent and the sports section is a complete free for all. If you like infographics, the tech section is great. Stay away from the fitness section; I’ve yet to come across a page littered with so much misinformed crap.

Marketers are flocking to Pinterest, trying to figure out how best to push product. I’ve come across a few brands that are pretty creative. Check out what Whole Foods and Chobani have come up with.

Pinterest is growing on a massive scale and is already firmly established in the social media landscape.

Want to get started? Check out this beginner guide.

Here is what I am #Pinning.

Do you think Pinterest can become as popular as the social media giants?