5Run Movement: Are High Fives a Group thing?

5Run Movement – carved through early mornings and hungover weekend running adventures

Talking to people about the reality of spreading the 5Run movement  to the masses gets me thinking. I reflect on whether it’s realistic to expect others to eventually share the same passion for change, and helping people as i do.

Some of you I talk to are reluctant to high five if you’re running alone (completely fine, by the way). I think you may be better suited to spread the love whilst running in a group. It is all about comfort, do what feels right.

Originally, I adopted the ‘lone wolf’ mentality with 5Run. I envisioned high fiving strangers as way to bring fun to running, and add social element to the monotonous pavement grind.

Interacting with your fellow runners by helping, encouraging, and even pushing one another to be a better version of yourself was the goal. It still is, and progress is my guide.

5Run groups = fives in bunches

Back when i started this shindig, I feared running as a group would be counterintuitive. Three runners all yelling “High Five!” to every passing solo runner has the potential to intimidate and discourage.

The cool thing is, i’m noticing this is the minority reaction (although there are a few hilarious stories of this).

You’ll be pleased to hear, most people running alone love it – they’re curious. It’s like this crazy split-second, unspoken bond as you pass by and high five.

You almost want to stop, run back and chat the high fivee afterward.

Then you realize… that would be weird.

Regardless, group five runs are quickly becoming a staple of my weekly diet. My initial hesitation of scaring, alienating, or intimidating solo runners due to our strapping group has since changed.

Maybe I over-worried in the beginning about others well-being… either that, or I was just completely wrong about the nature of runners (more likely).

Either way, if you are reluctant, or shy to high five on your own, grab a friend to run with and give it a whirl (if you do, please let me know how it goes).

Strength in numbers ~ the secret sauce to 5Run

Whoever said ‘we’re greater than the sum of our parts’ might just be onto something. Running with a few trusty friends over the past weeks has been amazing. People don’t fear the numbers, they love it.

Instead of one guy dishing out high fives, it’s a group of overly enthusiastic (atleast for 6am in the morning) lads ‘filing into formation’ upon sight of a prospective fivee.

I can feel the 5Run movement spreading.

Perhaps you will join?

Speaking of strength in numbers, I want to hear from you. If you would like to join the movement, run with me, or share a tale from your running endeavors, leave a comment, or shoot me an email: connormeakin11@gmail.com