Are you curious how the 5Run faired running a 5k… 18 times? Peruse the video to find out.

It’s been a long week… feels like I’ve been hit by a truck. Through the last seven days, along with my team and fellow Bagel Chasers, I’ve managed to run 90 km. This of course is in addition to working 50-55 hours this week.

Aside from causing me to reassess my life, (who spends this much time running?) this week really opened my eyes to the vibrant running community in Vancouver.

Small, passionate communities are all over the place, you just need to find them. Case in point is all the awesome people I met this past week. Everyone has a unique story from different backgrounds, but we all came together for a great cause.

Maybe, i’ve finally found the running enthusiasts.

I also figured out that (wait for it…) running in groups is WAY better than solo missions.

How did team #5Run  fare running a 5k Bagel Chase?

5run team shot

Team #5Run FunBoys fell in love with the Bagel Chase – learning more about CISV, the vision and the cause, was inspirational.

In the end, it’s the people who inspired me to continue hammering out km’s every day, from dark rainy 6am mornings to post-work struggles.

Some called us crazy and others were a bit confused around the whole week. I like to think we left our ‘mark’ on the Bagel Chase, and our fellow runners.

We finished 2nd place in the group challenge – completing 480 km as a team. Falling short of first place was pretty disappointing.

Given that we were a rag tag team from a tech company going up against running groups from across the city, I am proud of what we accomplished.

The secret sauce to our runs were high fives. From running Saturday night with glow sticks, to early Friday morning, I truly feel like we managed to brighten our fellows runners days’, and add some fun to the ‘collective run.’

It got to the point where others were high fiving through the week. Mission = accomplished.

Much to the chagrin of my calves and hips, I enjoyed this past week.

So what should I do next week?