Learn about 5Run’s first charity event: the Bagel Chase, and a spontaneous 5Run thank you moment on the best five run of 2013.

Thank you, kindly

The ocean in false creek is like glass, no wind, no rain – i’m running with Gerard. We waste little time firing up our respective running apps and get going.

Wednesday morning was your atypical five run. I kept thinking how perfect the weather was for running, and clearly others felt the same way. Barely 2 km’s in, we hit 8 high fives.

Then, something interesting happened.

We came across a pretty brunette girl running. In typical fashion, we fell into five formation and extended our hands. Something particularly awesome happened next.

While she enthusiastically high fived us, she said something i’ll never forget.

“thank you!”

Shocked, we responded with your typical ‘woohoos’ and continued on. We sort of laughed it off… “hey that chick thanked us!” We finished our run, the best morning five run of the year so far, we hit 27 high fives.

Something about the encounter stayed with me. It wasn’t until later on that I figured out what the hell  happened.

More on that later.

Chasing bagels for the kids – #5Run Funboys

The five run movement is running it’s first race this coming week. The Bagel Chase is a week-long 5km running challenge in Vancouver.

We’ve entered a team of five fine people I work with: Michael, Janis, Chris, Gerard, and Andrew. Our team name is #5Run Funboys, but evidently, there is a lady on the squad.

We plan on 5running our way through the week, so keep an eye out on burrard st. bridge and the west end seawall in Vancouver.

All the proceeds go to CISV: “a non-profit volunteer organization that brings kids from all over the world together for summer camps about global peace and building global friendships.”

You complete as many laps of the 5km course in a week; whilst eating bagels and raising money for the kids.

So from Feb 2-8 we plan on hammering out laps pre-work, at lunch, and post work.

It’s going to be a long week.

We would love your support on the Bagel Chase! Come out and give us a high five or cheer us on!