With Movember winding down, I’m stroking my glorious moustache and pondering Movembers role in the greater context of mens health awareness. The last two years skyrocketed Movember’s status into mainstream.

With that comes mainstream media exposure and thus, opportunities for businesses.

Brands had this popular global event to explore. It screamed opportunity for Movember related promotions. Local brand and businesses particularly had an easy chance to inject themselves into Movember through deals and promos.

I kept thinking to myself all month how easy it would be. I’m still shocked that i didn’t see any friendly or creative promos.

What could businesses have done?

In short, slap a ‘Movember savings deal’ in your store, shop, or business.

Here’s a thought.

Say i’m strolling around downtown on a Saturday, and I happen upon a coffee shop offering ‘Movember Discounts.’ It could be as easy as X amount off your brew if you’re sporting a moustache.

Not only would I gladly welcome a discount for my mo’, I would be inclined to share this info. In short, I would blast this over Twitter, Facebook and other social networks… “Hey I just got a discount for having a moustache!!!”

Social networks are just different mediums for self-expression. That old school friendly neighbourhood business where personal service and relationships with the community meant something still holds.

The only difference is that your community uses different tools to communicate.

Twitter is the new word of mouth.

Moustaches are famous

Movember operates under a certain pop-culture-esque mystique. The charity and awareness aspect combined with the lustre of moustaches creates a motive to share. Status updates and instagrams of hilarious moustaches aren’t only acceptable, they’re encouraged. The greasier the better.

We’re inclined to share all aspects of moustache culture because we only have a month to get away with it.

By not becoming a part of the Movember story, businesses missed out on engaging their local communities.

Simple grassroots style promos or discounts to mo-supporters are effortless. It injects your business into the movember story, and show you care about mens health issues.

Not seeing any brands or businesses try promos was a bit disappointing. Modern businesses need to be creative. Let’s experiment and challenge the boring status-quo. Why not experiment? What did they have to lose?

Over to you

Did you see any creative attempts to play on the movember story from brands or businesses (local or otherwise)? I’m curious to hear where people come off on this.