I wrote a couple weeks ago about having lofty goals and ambitions. A friend from work asked why I wouldn’t declare my goals to the world. My initial reaction was terror. I struggle with opening myself up to vulnerability.  No doubt some will clown my aspirations as some of them are ridiculous. (what the hell is an aspiring renaissance man anyways?) I am starting to realize that these pessimists don’t matter. Negativity kills self-improvement.

The risk of putting your goals out there for the world to see is the ultimate motivator of action. Accountability is huge! Publicly stating your goals ensures your held responsible for achieving them. What if you fail or slip-up?  What if your goals change or things don’t go as planned? Failure is frightening, not to mention embarrassing. This is why I had not declared my goals to the world… yet.

Looking at it the other way, publicize your aspirations, intelligently work at it and eventually succeed. How amazing would that feel?

While I may not chose to plaster every goal I desire to for everyone to see, I will personally be taking steps to put myself ‘out there.’

Do you personally publicize your personal goals? Who do you tell? How often do you check up on your goals?